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About Us

Our Philosophy

Our concept is simple: timeless home textiles with a contemporary value chain. As a brand, we want to help establish social and environmental responsibility as the new normal in every company's core philosophy. For our products, every step in the entire value chain, from Fair Cotton to our family-run, solar-powered production in Europe, a CO2-neutral footprint to minimum-waste packaging, has been scrutinised once and implemented the way we as consumers would want textile products to be. In doing so, we focus in particular on long-lasting quality. In cooperation with our family-run production, we as a young company have the extraordinary opportunity to combine today's zeitgeist with decades of product experience.

Fair, European, Sustainable

Our Value Chain

Cradle Studio is an extension of the idea of realising respect for people and the environment not only as production, but along the entire value chain. From the cotton yarn to the final product, all our products are made in Europe. Every step of our value chain complies with international social and environmental standards, certified by the FAIR-COTTON label. We source our raw materials from long-standing partners. They are processed directly on site by spinning mills that strictly adhere to the "BSCI Code of Conduct". The spun cotton is also knitted locally and only a few kilometres away from the knitting mill, the fabrics are dyed in a dyeing plant with modern and therefore resource-saving machines. The finished fabrics are processed into Cradle Studio products in our solar-powered family-run production in Europe. Their trademark is high-quality workmanship of the highest quality materials - social and ecological standards have been a core component from the beginning and are continuously being expanded. For example, it was one of the first CO2-neutral productions in Europe to be certified by Fokus Zukunft. In the meantime, it not only has a solar power system, but is also home to ten sweet beehives.

The Certifications of Our Production

Our products are produced in Europe under European quality standards.
The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certifies that all components of a product have been tested for harmful substances.
The FAIR-COTTON label certifies that the entire production has been handled according to international social and environmental standards.

Our solar-powered production INTEX is a CO2-neutral production certified by Fokus Zukunft.

What is our Understanding of Sustainability?

Focus on Long-Lasting Quality

Quality is the most important aspect of sustainability for us. The most sustainable manufacturing process is of no use if a product is no longer used and replaced after a short time.

For us, quality starts with the processing of the cotton plant into fabrics. The choice of a fine, long, resistant yarn allows for particularly small and fine knitting stitches when using the most modern knitting machines.

Quality also results from the further processing of the fabrics. Our production implements the highest ready-to-wear standards. All products are subject to careful quality control - the detailed check on a light table before each fabric is made up is an example of this. Our products are made up by hand and carefully packed by experienced employees.

If you want to learn more about the quality of our products, we have an exciting blog post on this topic.

Conservation of Resources

For us, sustainability also means being considerate with natural raw materials and reducing the environmental impact caused by the use of resources.

An example is our dyeing plant: the latest generation of machines work in an environmentally friendly way, using less water and electricity. Through automation, the addition of chemicals is precisely and reliably dosed. The dyeing plant implements REACH (European Chemicals Regulation) and is certified with the "OEKO-TEX® Made in Green" label.

Another example: out of personal conviction, our production has been investing in environmental measures from the very beginning in a future-oriented manner and has its own photovoltaic system, thus conserving the finite resources of our earth.

Timeless Product Designs

Not only through the quality of our products, but also through beautifully timeless designs, we aim for the long-term usability of each textile.

Our design is the combination of beautifully subtle shades and the quality of our fabrics - how they shine or feel, the yarn, the weave, the finish of the seams. Our products are classic, understated and timeless, so they can be combined in many ways and will still be appealing many years from now. With simple designs, we want to counteract the fast-moving nature of trends.

Minimum Waste

Fabric scraps in our production are not thrown away, but fully recycled.

In our product design, we also attach importance to using resources with consideration and avoiding waste. This is how we came up with the idea for our baby blankets and travel bags, which are made from fabric scraps from our large blankets. Another example: our bedding is packed in practical cotton sleeves that can be used as pillows or perfectly reused for storage when travelling - a beautiful zero-waste packaging.

Our products stand for durability and quality. Of course, we understand that sometimes you still have to part with a product. That is why our vision for the future is the upcycling of our textiles. The textiles should not end up somewhere, but can be sent back to us and recycled in a meaningful way.

Environmentally Friendly Logistics

Due to our value chain being short and very well known by us, we can not only guarantee fairness and sustainability at every step, but also save a considerable amount of CO2.

The shipping of your products is CO2 neutral, as we offset the greenhouse gases produced by transport with the help of climate projects. Your orders will be shipped in innovative grass boxes made from a mixture of local forest and meadow grass and recycled paper.

We also pay attention to small details: the cards you receive with your order are made from a sustainable seed paper that can be planted to blossom into a sunflower.

Our Vision for the Future

We are proud to have created a brand that we 100% stand behind and we believe that you will enjoy our products for a very long time.

At the same time, we are constantly optimising our products and processes and have big plans for the future. In the long term, we are striving for a complete cradle to cradle concept: a continuous and consistent circular economy in which products are reprocessed into new products after use, without any loss of quality or environmental impact. However, achieving this is a long-term process, which we will of course keep you informed about here.