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The concept behind our Cradle Studio blankets is easily described: high quality textile fabrics converted into simple designs in beautiful shades. In addition to the sustainable manufacture, this makes our blankets favorites that will last.

We love big blankets to snuggle up in, therefore all our blankets measure wonderfully huge 150x210cm.

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Knit Blanket / Warm StoneKnit Blanket / Warm Stone
Knit Blanket / Warm Stone Sale price€95,00
Sold outKnit Blanket / ButterKnit Blanket / Butter
Knit Blanket / Butter Sale price€95,00
Sold outPiqué Blanket / AnthracitePiqué Blanket / Anthracite
Piqué Blanket / Anthracite Sale price€119,00
Knit Blanket / Chestnut GreyKnit Blanket / Chestnut Grey
Knit Blanket / Chestnut Grey Sale price€95,00
Piqué Blanket / PebblePiqué Blanket / Pebble
Piqué Blanket / Pebble Sale price€119,00
Piqué Blanket / MintPiqué Blanket / Mint
Piqué Blanket / Mint Sale price€119,00
SOMMER-SALESave 20%Piqué Blanket / Sunday BrunchPiqué Blanket / Sunday Brunch
Piqué Blanket / Sunday Brunch Sale price€95,20 Regular price€119,00
SOMMER-SALESave 20%Knit Blanket / SageKnit Blanket / Sage
Knit Blanket / Sage Sale price€76,00 Regular price€95,00
Sold outPiqué Blanket / MarinePiqué Blanket / Marine
Piqué Blanket / Marine Sale price€119,00
SOMMER-SALESave 20%Piqué Blanket / SunPiqué Blanket / Sun
Piqué Blanket / Sun Sale price€95,20 Regular price€119,00
Knit Blanket / CappuccinoKnit Blanket / Cappuccino
Knit Blanket / Cappuccino Sale price€95,00
Piqué Blanket / CremePiqué Blanket / Creme
Piqué Blanket / Creme Sale price€119,00
Sold outKnit Blanket / Burnt OrangeKnit Blanket / Burnt Orange
Knit Blanket / Burnt Orange Sale price€95,00
Piqué Blanket / Day At The LakePiqué Blanket / Day At The Lake
SOMMER-SALESold outSave 20%Piqué Blanket / PumpkinPiqué Blanket / Pumpkin
Piqué Blanket / Pumpkin Sale price€95,20 Regular price€119,00
Knit Blanket / WhiteKnit Blanket / White
Knit Blanket / White Sale price€95,00
SOMMER-SALESave 20%Piqué Blanket / AperitivoPiqué Blanket / Aperitivo
Piqué Blanket / Aperitivo Sale price€95,20 Regular price€119,00
Sold outKnit Blanket / MetalKnit Blanket / Metal
Knit Blanket / Metal Sale price€95,00
Knit Blanket / ChocoKnit Blanket / Choco
Knit Blanket / Choco Sale price€95,00
SOMMER-SALESave 20%Knit Blanket / CayenneKnit Blanket / Cayenne
Knit Blanket / Cayenne Sale price€76,00 Regular price€95,00